2018 SNs recap

I had a rough season last year, so didn’t qualify for Div 1, which was a big disappointment.  It’s been a rough last two years – I was training a lot less in grad school, and I’ve been getting used to my new routine at work and getting back the technique that had degraded this year.  But I’m really happy with my fencing at SNs this year!

The most important thing that I got right was my preparation.  I feel like I did this tournament right from start to finish.

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Shoe Hack

Fencing can be rough on your shoes, especially if you practice on metal strips or drag your foot when you lunge.  Unless your parents are still paying for your equipment (enjoy it while you can), you probably hate having to buy new kicks all the time.  I once delayed replacing my shoes until the hole where my foot drags went all the way through my shoe and destroyed a couple pairs of socks.  I only gave in when I realized my foot was bleeding because my skin was rubbing directly on the floor and I had to leave practice early.  But I don’t have to do that anymore, because now I can extend the life of my shoes despite my draggy lunge. Continue reading Shoe Hack

Everything changed

I stopped writing on my blog for a long time.

I spent most of the 2014-15 season feeling immensely frustrated.  I was working two coaching jobs and a receptionist gig to pay for training and travel with the scheduling flexibility to train as much as I wanted.  It didn’t work for me.  I spent most of the season sick for weeks at a time, unwilling to take a day off to rest, constantly stressed about my income and my results.  When I had left so much to come train in Massachusetts, I felt ashamed even to write a blog post about what I had been up to when I didn’t have results to prove that I made the right choice. Continue reading Everything changed