I rolled my ankle again a few weeks ago. It wasn’t dramatically at practice like last time; I just missed a step on my way down to the El platform. And just like that, another week of training is gone.

So I went to the clinic and got X rays – fortunately, nothing seems to be broken.  I spent the week doing core, arms, and wall touches while waiting out my prescribed week off. And on my first day back, I rolled my ankle again while warming up. It’s been another week and a half and I’m just starting to do footwork again.  I probably won’t bout for another week.  There are also MRIs and physical therapy in my future, I suspect.

So after working so hard all summer, I’ve lost my last whole month of practice before the season begins and missed the first tournament of the year. It’s incredibly frustrating. Athletes like to push through pain to become stronger, but it takes time and rest to heal an injury.  I hope to be back at full capacity by Remenyik. We’ll see how it goes.


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