Getting back in the swing of things

On Wednesday evening I had my first lesson in several weeks.  I was nervous that I was going to be rusty, but all told it went better than I feared!

My coach, Iliya, took things slowly to re-coordinate my legs without asking me to change directions abruptly in a way that might put my ankle at risk.  My footwork is not as comfortable as it was, though.  I can feel some adjustments I’m making subconsciously to favor my ankle – the next few weeks will be a balance of getting back my strength and technique while still protecting the ankle from further injury.

My arm strength and point control are not too affected by the break, so I’m glad that all the wall touches I did paid off.  In fact, I’m so pleased with the strength gains I’ve made that I’m going to keep visiting the club for conditioning on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which are normally our off days.  My pushups are excellent – chest all the way to the ground.

The deadline for registering for the November NAC is on Monday.  I should send in my payment, but I feel like if I commit before my ankle is healed I will jinx myself into reinjuring it.  Normally I’m not superstitious! It’s irrational! But I’m so anxious about making sure I’m healed that I’m going to wait another day.


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