Reffing is stressful

For those who are not aware, reffing fencing is hard.  I’ve refereed at high school tournaments and local events, and it’s always a stressful, high-pressure situation.  By the end of the day, my head, back, and feet all ache.  When I’m not completely sure what the right call is, I tend to beat myself up mentally.  And this is at small tournaments that wrap up by 4; think of all the national events that go one for twelve or fourteen hours!  Team Ref, I salute you; thanks for making our NACs possible.

I’m a masochist, obviously, and that’s why I volunteered to ref the local youth and open this morning!  I came home and took a long nap, then had some of my favorite comfort foods: pho and a peach cobbler cupcake from Molly’s.

I’m signed up for the Cleveland NAC.  Are you going?


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