Broken blade!

I broke a blade last night! I was straightening it and I snapped it in my hands.  I like to keep five in stock and this one takes me down to four, so I guess I’ll be putting together a shopping list for Cleveland.  I don’t know if other people do this, but I nearly always use my least-favorite blade the most often so that it will break first… I guess with the long-term goal of having a complete set of perfect blades.  I wish I were better at picking them out; I don’t feel like I shop for them often enough to be really confident about which are the good ones before they’re cut, canted, and mounted on a grip.  One only hopes this is a skill that can be acquired over years of practice.

My ankle still aches, and I feel like a whiner because I keep mentioning it, but it has really been at the front of my mind and the worry is at least as bad as the pain. I will limit myself to saying that I am looking forward to seeing my podiatrist Monday and I really hope that I can start physical therapy as soon as possible after that. And that last night, I felt a little more stable; I’m pretty sure I’m going to be okay eventually.


4 thoughts on “Broken blade!”

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the blade breaking, as metal gets bent or stressed, it gradually fatigues and will break. If you want to straighten your blade by hand (which is how I usually do it) bend the tip a little, move down the blade a bit and bend that a little and so on. The idea is to avoid stressing the blade a lot in one place, but to spread it over a large area. My $25 blades usually last me 12-18 months of practicing at least 2 hrs a day, 3 days a week. So… yay.

    1. I rotate through several blades at practice, so I don’t really keep track of how long each one lasts. BF whites have spoiled me for all other blades though! Good luck finding one of those for $25.

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