2018 SNs recap

I had a rough season last year, so didn’t qualify for Div 1, which was a big disappointment.  It’s been a rough last two years – I was training a lot less in grad school, and I’ve been getting used to my new routine at work and getting back the technique that had degraded this year.  But I’m really happy with my fencing at SNs this year!

The most important thing that I got right was my preparation.  I feel like I did this tournament right from start to finish.

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I finally made it to the podiatrist; I have not one, but two torn ligaments in my ankle. It’s a drag, but I’m happy that I can start getting it treated properly with physical therapy. I also got a new ankle brace – this one has a hinge so that I’m secure for lateral movement but my range of motion for flexing is not limited (i.e. I can bend my ankles more, and by extension my knees).  It felt good at fencing last night; we’ll see how things turn out.