Upcoming Fencing Movies Part 3: Domestic Craft Views

Roughly 80% of my Netflix queue is documentaries.  It’s my jam as far as film-making goes; I love movies that introduce me to a person or subculture that I’d otherwise never meet or hear of.  And since I’m an unapologetic fencing evangelist, I’m even more excited about the spate of fencing documentaries that are in production or in theatres.  I’ve got three American documentaries for you today: Continue reading Upcoming Fencing Movies Part 3: Domestic Craft Views

Hypothetical Situation!

Recently, I had a minor disaster at an in-house youth event.  One of our young fencers had an emotional meltdown when her weapon wasn’t working and she lost touch after touch because nobody noticed and she didn’t know how to handle the situation.

I am determined not to let such a situation happen again, so yesterday I worked on preparing my high school fencers for their first competition by interrupting their bouts with scenarios they are likely to run into.  I yelled:

HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION! Continue reading Hypothetical Situation!